Why Should I Return to Work?

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Even if you don’t miss time from work, you might still have a workers’ comp case.

We appreciate all of our social-networking followers on Facebook and Twitter. This blog post is in response to questions posed by one of those followers.

Upon reading another blog post, we received commentary on Facebook saying: “…if you can work you dont [sic] have a case…you could still collect for time missed but you dont get to work and get paid for nothing…”

The answers to these questions vary depending on the situation, but hopefully these links provide more information about the benefits of filing a workers’ compensation claim and why returning to work does not mean you don’t have a case as implied by the comment above.

For example, even if your employer accommodated your work restrictions from your doctor or your employer paid your salary while you were off work, you still have a workers’ compensation claim and you are entitled to all of the rights that are provided under the workers’ compensation laws. Click here for more information.

In fact, it is possible to not miss work because of an injury and still have a workers’ comp claim.

In addition, if your injury doesn’t seem serious in the beginning, you don’t necessarily know what the future holds in regards to how that injury will affect your health.

The important information to take away from the blog post that produced the Facebook comment above is the following:

  1. You need to keep track of all of your work restrictions from your doctor.
  2. You need to make sure you provide these restrictions to your employer and keep track of whether your employer will accommodate your doctor’s restrictions.
  3. Keep track of days that your doctor has you off work or days that your employer won’t accommodate your doctor’s restrictions.
  4. Finally, if you return to work and your condition worsens, talk to your doctor immediately.

Follow these general rules, and if you have further questions about whether you should return to work in your specific situation, contact a good lawyer and ask.