Workers’ Compensation Is About Relationships

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Today’s post comes from guest author Ryan Benharris from Deborah G. Kohl Law Offices in Massachusetts. Mr. Benharris talks about the continued relationship a worker has to an employee. Workers should also have the expectation of safety from an employer. And I hope we can work towards the day where Mr. Benharris writes about “no need for workers’ compensation.” Until then, it is important to communicate with and  trust your workers’ compensation attorney.

Prevention of accidents should be the first step in establishing a successful workers’ compensation system. If an employer were truly concerned about the health and safety of the employee there would be no need for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately the profit motive of the employer sometimes corrupts the process, and shortcuts are taken at work to increase production at an anticipated lower cost to the employer.

Employers need to understand that the human and financial costs of industrial accidents and exposures can be devastating. Injured workers, through the workers’ compensation process, may seek the payment of medical benefits, lost time payments and permanent disability awards.

Hopefully, the relationship between employees and employers can improve, and the workplace can become a safer environment.