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Partner Todd Bennett Speaks at Paralegals’ Meeting

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Todd D. Bennett

Firm partner Todd Bennett was recently the speaker for the quarterly meeting of the District 2 Nebraska Paralegals (NePA) group. It is helpful for attorneys to share legal knowledge through presenting at professional development opportunities for those associated with the legal community.

Mr. Bennett gave an overview of workers’ compensation while focusing on “how paralegals can work to be more effective with workers’ compensation attorneys,” he said.

I regularly encourage the firm’s attorneys and staff to participate in continuing education and networking opportunities through professional associations and other occasions, taking the opportunity to serve as both presenters and lifelong learners.

Thank you to Mr. Bennett for representing the firm as a presenter to this group.

Thanks also go to the District 2 NePA for both hosting Mr. Bennett and for making a donation to the charity of his choice, in lieu of any payment for services, to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), in honor of his mother who is blind and a life-long sufferer of diabetes.

Find out more information about the NePA at their website:

Happy Holidays to You and Yours

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Holiday greetings go out to you and yours this season. Special thanks are extended to those who are working hard to keep folks safe but are away from family during the holiday time, whether truck driver, first responder, nurse, or retail worker. Safety at home and safe travels are wished for all your celebrations.

We hope that this holiday season brings peace to so many who are hurting and hurt. May each of you have the opportunity to visit with loved ones who are held dear and take the time to appreciate those relationships with friends and family.

I hope that we can be mindful through our joy and celebrations to reach out to those who are alone but also respect those who want or need to be alone. And in this season of merriment, let’s appreciate our comfortable lives and good health and strive to help those who go without.

We are thankful for so much, and especially at this time of year, we are very thankful for family, friends, and the opportunity to advocate for clients who make our work worthwhile.

Take care traveling wherever you’re headed. Please take the time and use common sense to get to your destination safely. I send a special thank you to all, truckers, nurses, first responders and folks in other occupations who can’t be with their families because they are serving the public and keeping us safe.

I hope that all know happiness this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

The offices of Rehm, Bennett & Moore and will close at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 24, and remain closed on Thursday, Dec. 25, and Friday, Dec. 26, for Christmas. We will be open again on Monday, Dec. 29, at 8:30 a.m.

In addition, the offices will close at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 31, and remain closed on Thursday, Jan. 1, and Friday, Jan. 2, for New Year’s Day. We will be open again on Monday, Jan. 5, at 8:30 a.m.

Happy Holidays, take care, and be safe!

Roger Moore Chairs Nebraska State Bar Association Work Comp Section Seminar

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Attorney Roger Moore

Firm partner Roger Moore recently completed his term as the chairman for the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA) Workers’ Compensation Section for 2014 with the conclusion of the Annual Workers’ Compensation Seminar on Nov. 14.

“My responsibilities were to develop topics, secure speakers and serve as master of ceremonies for the seminar by communicating with a variety of individuals over the course of numerous months,” Moore said. Roughly 100 people attended this year’s seminar, including firm associates Brody Ockander and Brianne Rohner Erickson

Moore completed his final year of serving a four-year rotation of leadership positions within the Workers’ Compensation Section, which started when he was nominated for and elected to the treasurer position three years ago. Moore was the third member of the firm to serve as chairman of the NSBA Workers’ Compensation Section. Partner Todd Bennett and I are past chairmen as well. Moore has participated as a member of the WC Section for the last 14 years, and is admitted to practice law in both Nebraska and Iowa.

There are currently more than 30 sections in the NSBA, according to its website. Each section is made up of a group of attorneys who share similar interests and voluntarily join that section. Attorneys can belong to more than one section.

The Workers’ Compensation Section is consistently one of the largest sections of the association. The section’s goals, according to Moore, are similar to the NSBA’s mission, which can be found here. Some of the priorities that Moore highlights include “to foster and maintain integrity, professionalism, civility and high standards of conduct by NSBA members,” and to help “provide quality support and services for NSBA members.”

Moore’s service is yet another example of the efforts our attorneys and staff have made to be leaders in the legal community, both as participants and leaders in shaping the legal conversations that affect our clients.

Thursday’s ‘Truth About Trucking ‘Live’ on Blog Talk Radio’ to Feature Rod Rehm

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Allen and Donna Smith serve truck drivers as advocates and also as the hosts of the “Truth About Trucking ‘Live’ on Blog Talk Radio” show. Firm owner Rod Rehm is scheduled to be a featured guest on Thursday night’s show at 5 p.m. Central Time (6 p.m. Eastern Time). 

According to their website The Truth About Trucking, “As host of the trucking blog, Ask The Trucker, Allen Smith is known as being the most recognized advocate for assisting students and new drivers, giving thousands of CDL students, as well as new and inexperienced truck drivers, an inside look into the OTR trucking industry.”

One way the Smiths are allied with truckers is by hosting their “Truth About Trucking ‘Live’ on Blog Talk Radio” show, “which continues to break new grounds by innovative methods to assure that the voice of the professional trucker is heard.” The Smiths also work tirelessly year-round to advocate for drivers through social media and technology.

Rod Rehm is scheduled to be Thursday’s guest at 5 p.m. Central Time because of his work representing truckers for over 30 years, 16 of which have been through the

“Mr. Rehm joins us as our special guest and to take your calls as we discuss this specialized area of law and what you need to know as a professional truck driver,” according to the Smiths. “His law firm also often helps truckers nationwide through referrals to attorneys in their own state due to differences in state laws.”

The Smiths said that there are a number of ways to access and participate in Thursday’s show, both through listening and by asking questions.

From a computer: Go to the show link at and then clicking on the show’s link, which will be available very soon.

This option “also gives the opportunity to join the chat room and get in the conversation. If they want to be more than an observer in the chat room, they’ll need to have a free BTR account. All you do is create a login and password to do this. You can even sign in with Facebook or Twitter. Note: You don’t need an account to just listen to the show, just to be active in the chat room,” according to Donna Smith.

Folks are also welcome to listen from a computer using the embed code found here:

Listen to internet radio with Aubrey Allen Smith on BlogTalkRadio

To hear the show from a phone or to ask questions: Call 347-826-9170. Then to ask questions, just follow the prompts to “Speak with Host”: press 1.

We invite you to listen in and also call with your questions and thank the Smiths for the opportunity for Mr. Rehm to be Thursday’s featured guest!

The conversation continues on social media via @truckerlawyers on Twitter, on Google+  by searching for Trucker Lawyers, and at on Facebook.

Here’s Rehm, Bennett & Moore’s Slate for the Nov. 4 Nebraska Election

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We support Chuck Hassebrook for Governor of Nebraska

We support Chuck Hassebrook for Governor of Nebraska

Election Day is only 7 days away. Elections are very important for our clients and their families. Voting for good candidates helps protect your rights to receive proper compensation for injuries, lost earnings and damages.

We are supporting the following Nebraska candidates because we believe they will be supportive of preserving, defending, and improving our civil justice system, workers’ compensation law, and the judiciary.

Chuck Hassebrook for Governor

Legislative Candidates supported by NATA (Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys) PAC:

Election Day is November 4th. Please vote. Your vote is important. We recognize a lot of issues are involved in the decision of whom to support. We believe that this list of candidates will support laws and judges that will protect our clients and their families’ right to full and fair justice.

If you need assistance getting to the polls or don’t know your district, feel free to contact Rod Rehm or Jon Rehm. Announces Mobile Website

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A new mobile website for has gone live, said Rod Rehm, owner of and Rehm, Bennett & Moore law firm.

It can be found on or by searching for trucker lawyers on a mobile device. The site will make it easier for drivers who use cell phones and tablets to contact the firm for help with workers’ compensation, personal injury and employment-law issues, Rehm said.

“I have represented truckers from all over the United States for more than 25 years,” Rehm said. “We use technology a great deal in the firm’s day-to-day business when working with clients. Offering a mobile website to drivers is a choice that we made to give drivers an easier way to contact us. The reality is that not everyone is on the road with a laptop, so a mobile website is more convenient.”

The firm’s attorneys have over 70 years of collective experience in workers’ compensation and personal-injury law. For more details about the firm and its work with truck drivers, go to to read about informational topics such as “Finding a Qualified Lawyers to Handle Your Case.”

To continue the conversation, feel free to reach out and follow or interact with the firm through these sites:

Finally, the firm’s blog continues to include news on workers’ compensation, employment, personal injury, Social Security disability, and consumer safety and alerts.

Workers’ Compensation with Rod Rehm of Review America’s Truckin’ Network Podcasts

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“A person’s only got one body to live with and get through life on,” said Rod Rehm of He is a workers’ compensation attorney who has worked extensively with injured truckers.

Mr. Rehm recently appeared on the America’s Truckin’ Network show with host Steve Sommers. Discussion between the two touched on many points of the workers’ compensation systems in the nation, which vary by state. They also took both calls and emails from drivers who had specific questions and challenges about work injuries and workers’ compensation, because trucking is a dangerous industry with many hazards.

Please listen to the podcasts below for more complete information, but here are some details from the two podcasts.

“Workers’ compensation is a longstanding program in all the states to protect and help truck drivers when they get hurt, and they get hurt a lot,” Rehm said. Although whether it’s the worker’s fault or not doesn’t really come into play in workers’ compensation, if you get hurt on the job.

Truck drivers and others who travel for a living come under a “special scenario.”

“Pretty much anything that happens when you’re away from home earning money for a company is going to be the responsibility of the company,” he told Sommers.

As an example, think about the following scenario.

“If it’s a single traumatic event, let’s say you trip getting out of the truck or slipped, didn’t jump down, and you broke an ankle. On that accident event … you should report right away as a work injury, and the vast majority of people do. You would become entitled to medical care for that almost immediately, and if you had to miss work, you’d be entitled to some sort of compensation while you’re missing work to heal up from that broken ankle,” Rehm said.

Other issues they discussed during the show included repetitive motion problems, vibration injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, pre-existing conditions aggravated by driving truck, and work restrictions for injured workers. Included were pointers on when you need help from an attorney, for example, when a trucking company uses a transitional duty station away from the driver’s home base to control a hurt worker’s medical care.

They also discussed specific issues involved with workers’ compensation and truckers, as workers’ compensation does differ from health insurance. Misperceptions about workers’ compensation were addressed, too.

America’s Truckin’ Network runs from 11 p.m. through 4 a.m. (midnight to 5 a.m. Eastern Time) on 700 WLW-AM out of Cincinnati, and the chance to help educate truckers about workers’ compensation is greatly appreciated.

Rules can vary from state to state, and jurisdictional issues can be complicated for truckers, so be sure to check with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney or contact the firm through with details for specific situations. Mr. Rehm has represented truckers for over 30 years, 15 of which have been through the website

Hour 1:

Hour 2:

America’s Truckin’ Network to Feature Rod Rehm as Guest Wednesday Night

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Questions about workers’ compensation for truckers? Is your family member a trucker who is injured? Get help figuring out the answers by calling and listening in to the America’s Truckin Network show on Wednesday night with firm owner Rod Rehm.

He is scheduled to be featured as the guest on this Wednesday night’s edition of the America’s Truckin’ Network show. It runs from 11 p.m. Wednesday through 4 a.m. Thursday (midnight to 5 a.m. Eastern Time) on 700 WLW-AM out of Cincinnati. Plan to listen or call in during the first hour or two to get details on workers’ compensation and truckers from Mr. Rehm.

He is scheduled as Wednesday night’s guest because of his work representing truckers for over 30 years, 15 of which have been through the website

Mr. Rehm will join the show’s host, Steve Sommers, to discuss essentials of workers’ compensation for truck drivers. “We will cover things that professional truck drivers absolutely must know about how workers’ compensation affects truckers,” Mr. Rehm said. The law firm also often helps truckers nationwide through referrals to attorneys in their own state, due to differences in state laws and workers’ compensation coverage.

According to the radio station, “Steve Sommers joined the Truckin’ Bozo Radio Network in 1996, hosting the show on weekends and filling in for his father, Dale Sommers (Truckin’ Bozo). In 2004, Dale handed over the main hosting duties to his son, Steve, keeping this popular program in the family with a new name: America’s Truckin’ Network!

Mr. Sommers is dedicated to continuing the high standards and traditions of America’s Truckin’ Network, ensuring long-haul truckers have news, weather, music and conversation to keep them company over the long and sometimes lonely miles of the American roads.”

There are a number of ways for folks to participate in the America’s Truckin’ Network show, both through listening and by asking questions. Stream through a computer at or listen to 700WLW-AM.

We invite you to listen in and also call with your questions to (513) 749-7000 or (888) 860-8785. And we thank Mr. Sommers for the opportunity to be Wednesday night’s featured guest!

The conversation continues on social media @truckerlawyers on Twitter; at on Facebook; and on Google+. America’s Truckin’ Network is on Twitter @AmericasTrknNet and on Facebook at In addition, some previous shows, including previous appearances by Mr. Rehm, are archived as podcasts at this website.